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I’ve been on a long break and have just been taking pictures of the Funkbrella Dance Academy, mostly Project EM.

Just did a shoot with Gloryzen Mendoza of Funkanometry SF and delaFemmeSF, which I should be posting up sooooon. :0)

Countdown to 808: 4 days…..



Posted on: July 28, 2009

I’m lame. I’ve been posting pics to my facebook because it’s so much easier than using HTML code for each one. Any suggestions on how to improve the process?

No worries though I’ll update this sooooon enough :0)

Ain’t no pictures, but an event I helped put together. Please come through! Thanks!

more pics will be up soon… :0)

Here it is: Talentado 5: Fashionably Loud!


After party for the 21+ at Element Lounge. $5 All night!!

Proceeds go to SFSU Filipino Graduation!!!

Let me just say Urban Paradise 2009 was siiick. Too bad the crowd was a little dead, but other than that…the groups this year were bad. Ridiculous to see the GENTWO family and The Company. DMOE was amazing. Awesome to see the other groups and projects.

Here’s a video from my roomie, ilikejoaquin
He should be posting more medleys soon, so check his page often…even though he gave up youtube for Lent…haha
APT from Urban Paradise 2009

Now for some pics…had a PCN photoshoot, met up with some Funkbrella folks, then chilled around the Marina before the show.

tee hee. some cloud pictures. spot anything? comment :0)

a drive-by shot…

and another…

…and another. haha

looks like chalk, but it ain’t

lonely cup

red cup

❤ SF/Twin Peaks. See the heart? Try the ispy method…haha

from our living room

I ❤ food. I ❤ japanese food.

Mary’s puti twin…haha

having trouble uploading photos. will try to fix tomorrow. :0)

Here are some of the pics finally….sorry for the lack of updates…

k well this photo thing getting cut off..not crackin’. ugh.
If you have any advice lemme know. Oh and if you’re interested in a photo please comment or email:

cool thanks, enjoy!